Whether you are simply after baseboards with straight, round or square top edges, searching for profiled boards for period properties in the traditional ‘Berlin Style’, seeking skirting boards with cable channels or looking to cover heating pipes, our extensive warehouse of over 500,000 skirting boards ensures swift delivery.

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Tradition and progress...

This medium-sized company was founded in 1865 by master carpenter Ferdinand and Wilhelm Wagner in Andernach on the Rhine, and continues to be run by the family today.

Today, Leisten Wagner produces high-quality solid wood skirting board, strips and milled parts for parquet flooring, furniture and doors and systems for the patio and terrace.

Our extensive stock with a wide range of profiles and wood types ensures the shortest possible delivery times.

Thanks to our own tool manufacturing, custom-made requirements can be easily produced based on design sketches.

Modern machines · Exquisite woods · Skilled workers

Leisten Wagner quality

Custom-made products from certified wood

On request, we produce made-to-size boards according to your individual specifications from certified timbers. The FSC® certification (Forest Stewardship Council) of the wood is carried out according to strict ecological, social and economic standards. 

To ensure this, the FSC® has specified international rules to secure sustainable forest use, and monitors for observance and proper implementation.

These standards include the rejection of extensive deforestation, the avoidance of pesticides, the protection and conservation of threatened animal and plant species, the recognition of the forest-use rights of indigenous peoples, and the protection of workers’ rights. Only wood that has been produced compliant with these standards receives the globally valid FSC seal of approval. We are therefore able to provide you wood from well-managed forests.

Custom-made products from certified wood

Delivery Information

Domestic delivery: Shipping is only to specialised companies.

For orders under a net goods value of 500 Euro, we charge a standard freight cost of 10% 

of the total value, but a minimum of 20 Euro. We deliver free to the door from a net goods value of 500 Euro.

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Factory sales for private customers

In our factory sales we offer wooden strips and boards, parquet and laminate, as well as wood briquettes at favourable prices.

The wood briquettes are made exclusively from the oak and beech wood chips resulting from production, and are manufactured without additives. The sales quantity is therefore limited. Ask about our delivery capability.

Sales to end customers are exclusively from the factory at Andernach. We do not dispatch.

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